Ideas for the Perfect Wedding Welcome Bags

During wedding planning brides have a lot to think about and things tend to slip the mind. We decided to give you a little refresher on some things you may not want to forget. One thing that may slip the mind is hotel welcome bags. A lot of the time there are friends and family members that are traveling from out of town and chances are you won’t be able to greet them. This is the perfect way to welcome them to your wedding weekend and maybe to even help them survive the weekend from the fun they are about to have.

Below is a list of items to make your hotel welcome bag the best!

A Warm Welcome

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Since you most likely will not be greeting your guests this is the perfect way to say hello! Writing your guest a personalized note is a beautiful way to welcome them to your wedding weekend. Going this small extra mile will show them how much you appreciate them for traveling to your destination where you are choosing to marry the love of your life.

A Multifaceted Bag

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This is something that you can be very creative with. On the front of the bag couples tend to put their last name or hashtag affiliated with their wedding day. But personally, we do recommend that if the bag is reusable you try to shift away from putting your name on it. Instead you can have the bag personalized to where you are having your wedding. We know this is hard because of course you’re beyond excited about changing your last name but we promise there is a better perk. This will allow your gets to reuse the bag more often for their beach, gym, and even shopping essentials.

Lineup of Events

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The perfect way to keep your guests in the loop for the weekend. A personalized pamphlet will help your guests out in a number of ways. In the pamphlet you can include the timeline of your wedding day including everything from the ceremony down to the after party (that is if you’re having one). It is also nice to include a little map of the area your guests are staying. This will help them get around during the weekend. A lot of couples like to include their favorite spots where they can be found spending their time or grabbing a bite to eat. This adds the perfect little touch to shine a little insight on your relationship as a couple.

A Bite to Eat

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What’s a better pick me up than a snack? In most wedding welcome bags you can find a few snacks to keep the guests going. Including a few bites to eat are bound to make your guests smile when they’re looking for a midnight snack and don’t want to head down to the hotel lobby. Some of the top snacks to include are something salty, like pretzels or popcorn, and something sweet like candy. This is a way to hit all of the cravings. And again, you can personalize the snacks with some of your favorites.

Quench the Thirst

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Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! This is key when it comes to a wedding weekend. Some of your guests may choose to indulge in one to many glasses of champagne and trust me they’ll thank you in the morning – or in the middle of the night when they don’t have to run to the bathroom sink for some water. Water is a top pick for welcome bags but you can also include something like Gatorade that will quench their thirst just as well.

Hangover Remedy

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The more weddings we attend the more we see these little hangover kits made for those who enjoyed that open bar, or put a huge dent in their wallet, the night before. Adding this to your welcome bag is the perfect remedy to help your guests enjoy the rest of the wedding weekend festivities. We recommend adding an Advil packet, Emergen-C, Alka-Seltzer tablet, and maybe even some Band-aids. I mean hey, you never know what could happen when people are having fun!

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