Top 7 Places for a Bachelorette Getaway

Do you love a girl’s weekend getaway? We here at La Bella Planners for sure just love a good girl’s trip. There is no better excuse than your Bachelorette party. Whether you are reading this as the bride-to-be or maid of honor we’re here to tell you the hottest and some of the less appreciated spots for your Bachelorette weekend. If you’re stuck on where to go we’ve decided to give you a little snippet of what you can expect at each of these places.

1.     Nashville

Hop on the bandwagon and go to the wild and fun Music City for an unforgettable bachelorette weekend. There’s live music on every corner, four story restaurants/bars, and a whole lot of southern hospitality. Whether you’re looking to take the Honky Tonk Party Express around town, have rooftop brunches or visit vineyards and hey, maybe even ride a mechanical bull during your night out, Nashville has it all.


2.     Miami

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Beaches, Babes, and Booze Cruises. Dance your weekend away in the party town of Miami. If you’re looking to dance away your last few single nights, then Miami is one of the most recommended places to do that. Miami is one of the biggest bachelorette hot spots in the country and there is most definitely a reason why. Your body will mostly likely be sore by the end of the weekend from never leaving the dance floor.


3.     Las Vegas

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Down for all the pool parties and live shows? Then Las Vegas is definitely your place to go! Love Magic Mike? Even better! Las Vegas is definitely a place for those who never turn down a good party. The Vegas strip offers a variety of live shows, day pool parties, and an enormous number of places to enjoy the night on the town. Some of the most highly recommended places you should make sure to stop by during your bachelorette weekend is Drai’s Beachclub and Mandalay Bay. And remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


4.     Fire Island

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This is a little Long Island gem that many people forget about. We have experienced bachelorette parties on Fire Island and it is an amazing place to make memories with your closest friends. Fire Island offers a variety of different beach town options and you’re not restricted to just one. If you rent a house in one part of the island, you’re just a short walk or water taxi away from the next town. There is nothing better than being steps away from the beach, the famous island bars, and small little shops. It is definitely a quaint, quiet little getaway.


5.     Park City, Utah

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Are you not a beach girl? If you aren’t looking for all the glitz and glam of beaches and pool parties, then we’ve got that for you as well. After some research we found out that Park City, Utah is a wonderful place for a girl’s weekend. This is a place of pamper and relaxation. Spend the chilly night outside in the hot tub with the girls chatting the night away and wake up to a yoga class on top of the beautiful mountains.


6.     Napa Valley, California

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Do we have any La Bella wino’s? If your answer was yes, Napa Valley is calling your name. Napa Valley is known for their hundreds of hillside vineyards being one of the most major wine regions in the world. And if you just can’t get enough, we recommend staying at Las Alcobas, Napa Valley. Here you’ll never have to stop looking at gorgeous views considering they have rooms looking over a vineyard (and it makes for the perfect photo-op.)


7.     The Hamptons

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Another Long Island Gem with a luxurious touch. The Hamptons are known for their large homes and stunning towns. Pamper yourself the Hamptons way. Rent out one of the stunning homes and delve into their lifestyle for the weekend. If you are tired of the usual bars and clubs take a step away into this east end town. Take a yacht around Sag Harbor with your best girls, enjoy the classy upscale restaurants and shops they have to offer.


All of these places are promised to give you memories that you’ll forever cherish with your best babes. Whether it is going to the hottest bars in town, going to the beach, or relaxing in the mountains make this getaway all about you! In case you need a little more guidance we also recommend checking out Charleston, South Carolina, New Orleans, Cape May and Santa Monica. Wherever you chose to go we here at La Bella Planners hope its everything your wildest bachelorette dreams are made of!

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