Event Lighting: How it can transform your event

How you choose to light your space can make all the difference in accenting your reception décor- it is what will make all the difference in customizing an event venue. Below we have broken down the different ways that lighting can transform a space, in both good and bad ways.


wedding uplighting

Uplighting is exactly what the name implies, this style uses lights on the floor pointing up toward the ceiling of the space. These lights create a pillar effect, typically around the perimeter of the space. The result is a very dramatic and dynamic look that draws the eye upwards and makes the space feel larger. Uplighting can be done in a range of colors so you can incorporate your wedding color in a dramatic way.

Pin Spotting

wedding pin spotting

Pin spotting is taking a small spot light and focusing it on something you want to accent. Typically, pin spotting is used on all of the centerpieces in the reception room to bring attention to the floral arrangements. These lights can also be used to accent the cake, card table, or sweetheart table. As the sun goes down and the lights dim in your reception room, pin spotting is an easy way to make sure all of the important design elements are still being displayed.

Color Washing

Wedding color washing

Color washing is using lights of a specific color to cover an entire area in a light glow. This effect can be very romantic and makes the room feel warm and inviting. Color washing is utilized best when combined with other lighting effects such as pin spotting. If color washing is the only lighting effect you choose to use, it can make the room look a bit flat overall and all of your special design elements will get lost. You can also choose to only color wash a certain area of the room such as the dance floor or behind the bar, this accents those areas in a more subtle way than pin spotting.

String Lights

wedding string lights

String lights are an extremely versatile style of lighting for events. They can be hung from the ceiling or used as a backdrop against a wall of your reception space. String lights also come in a variety of styles and shapes. One of our personal favorites are Edison Bulbs which are a bit rounder and create a different ambiance in a space compared to regular string lights.

Looking to transform your wedding or event venue with lighting? Reach out to us here and let us help you begin the process of designing your wedding or event.

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