Six Steps to Create a Design Vision for Your Wedding

With all of the emphasis on “The Big Day” it can put a lot of pressure on couples to create the perfect wedding reception. But that is easier said than done! Especially with all of the pictures floating around on social media of wedding designs, it can be very overwhelming. That is why we created these simple six steps for you to follow to create a wedding design that you will love!

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1. Stop looking at Pinterest

We get it, its tempting, but when you have no idea what you want your wedding to look like, Pinterest can be very overwhelming. There are way too many images to sort through and without a specific vision you will just end up more confused than when you started. The images on Pinterest are also unrealistic so it can be hard to distinguish between what will work for your wedding and what won’t.


2. Decide the style of your wedding

Now that you have eliminated the Pinterest distractions, take some time to think about what style you feel would best suit your wedding. When considering your options, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. First, how would I describe the style of my venue? It is important to make sure that the décor you choose for your wedding does not look out of place in your venue. Second, what are the main buzz words I think of when imagining my wedding? These words will show you the vision you have in your head for your wedding and help translate that into a specific style. Finally, what is your budget for décor? How much you plan on spending on décor can make a huge difference in how your wedding will look and this is something you want to consider when deciding on your wedding vision.


3. Decide on the color scheme

Now that you have a general idea of the style you want for your wedding, you can start moving into the more specific details of your wedding décor. When choosing your wedding colors, it is good to start with one color as the main focal point and then choose the other colors based on that. For example, if you are going for more of a classic, elegant look, white is a great main color to accent with golds and other neutral tones. If you want more of a wildflower style you can start with a more bold color such as pink, and then choose other colors that will complement each other nicely. Pantone has a virtual color book you can sort by color and tone so this is super helpful when creating a color palette for your wedding.


4. Think about how you would like your tables to look

This step is relatively simple, you start by asking yourself if you want low or high centerpieces at each table. You can also do a mix of both if you want to create a more dynamic look. Then you can decide if you want a single arrangement in the center of the table or a few pieces in a cluster. You do not need to have a specific vision for each table, but knowing how you want the room to look will make it easier to work with your florist on a sample arrangement.


5. Create a look book

This is where all of the previous steps come together to create the design concept for your wedding. Create a document with all of the details of your design that you have put together. We find it is easiest to use PowerPoint for this step. Create one slide with photos of your venue, one slide with a description of the style, one side with all of your colors, and a slide with inspiration images. This is where you can finally go back to Pinterest. Now that you have a more specific vision, you can use Pinterest to find pictures of décor that fits with the vision you already have. For every picture you put in your look book, write down a few notes of what you would like to change. You are unique, and your wedding should be too so find some ways to alter your inspiration images to make them perfect for you!


6. Find florists and event designers that fit the vision of your wedding

You have reached the final step! Now that you have a clear vision of the direction you want to take your wedding design, reach out to florists and event designers that have experience with your wedding style. When you contact these vendors you can send them your look book so they can clearly see your vision. Do not get too attached to the exact photos you chose for inspiration since your florist may be able to create arrangements that fit your style even better than you could imagine. Trust the vendors you choose and allow them to take your wedding vision to the next level.

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