What to Pack (and What Not to Forget) For the Wedding Day

The week leading up to your wedding day can be very stressful, and this last-minute stress can cause you to be a bit forgetful when packing for your wedding day. We have compiled a list of the most important items to pack for the wedding day that often get forgotten so you can focus on more important things!

wedding rings


Rings are a very important part of the wedding day; you definitely want to make sure they are packed and ready for the photographer. We recommend having both rings with whoever the photographer will be with on the morning of the wedding so the photographer can grab photos of all accessories together. Any other jewelry you will be wearing for the wedding should also be with the rings for the photographer to take photos of. Make sure you get everything cleaned before the wedding since there will be a lot of close-ups!

wedding outfits


While this may seem like a given, you would be shocked how many times people forget a component of their outfit for their wedding day. Make a list and write down every piece that needs to be packed for your outfit. Does the Groom have shoes? Does the Bride have the correct undergarments? Has everything been cleaned and steamed? These are all important questions to make sure you are looking your absolute best on your wedding day.


Invitation and Any Other Special Items You Would Like Photographed

Many of the items that need to be packed are for the photographer. Invitations are a key element of the wedding accessory photos. Be sure to pack the entire invitation suite and not just the invite. You spent a long time designing the invitation suite, show it off in your photos! You should also make sure to pack any additional items you would like photographed with the accessories. This may include family heirlooms, special photographs, or additional accessories you would like included in your photos. These items should be all together with the jewelry as well.

wedding day emergency kit

Day-of Emergency Kit

There are certain things that are out of our control that can go wrong, and the wedding day is not the time to be caught off guard without a solution. Make yourself an emergency kit that has some key items that may come in handy. Some items we recommend are: bobby pins, safety pins, shout wipes, fashion tape, nail polish, lint rollers, band-aids, sewing kit, deodorant, and feminine products. Make sure you keep this kit with you throughout the day to make sure that you are prepared for anything that could come your way!

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