Top 4 Holiday Table Trends

Thanksgiving is just a few short days away and besides the food, we love to see all of the beautiful table designs people create for their families. Since this year is a bit different and we will not be able to spend the holidays with all of our loved ones, it is easy to get discouraged and not put as much effort into your design for the table. That is why we wanted to gather some of the latest trends in Holiday Table Designs together, to hopefully spark some inspiration so you can still create a memorable holiday with your loved ones.

1. Toned Down Color Palettes

During the holidays we usually see a lot of bright colors, but in recent years we have seen a lot more toned down colors used at holiday tables. These table designs utilize one accent color and the rest of the palette is neutral colors. This type of design is very versatile and can work in many different styles. The best way to execute this color palette is to decide on your accent color and then build the rest of the design around that color. Some of the best neutral colors to compliment your accent are white, gold, tans, browns, and greys.

2. White Pumpkin Accents

White pumpkins are a very chic addition to any holiday table. They are a great way to make your Thanksgiving table feel very seasonal without overwhelming your table with too many bright colors. White is an easy neutral to incorporate into any design. These are also a wonderful way to occupy the younger guests: a few white pumpkins and some markers at the kids table and they are set!

3. Lots of Black

Black has a bit of a bad reputation, but in reality, it is one of the most versatile colors for table designs. It can be used as the accent color or it can be used to amplify other colors. Any color placed on a black surface will instantly appear brighter and more pronounced. Black adds contrast and adds elegance to any table setting.

4. Less is More

Simplicity and minimalism are so trendy right now so why not apply that to your holiday table design! This design style relies heavily on clean colors and minimal decor to create a soft and modern look. This style can be monochrome or have one accent color, but it is never too bold. Creating a table with a simplistic design allows the food and company to be the centerpiece of your holiday celebration.

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