Six Hidden Gem Wedding Photo Locations in Brooklyn

It is no secret that Brooklyn has truly been booming in recent years. This also includes a boom in the Brooklyn wedding industry. There are so many areas of Brooklyn and places to explore but when it comes to choosing a location for your wedding or engagement photos, it can get overwhelming. Everyone wants their wedding photos to be unique and there are so many popular photo spots in Brooklyn. We have gathered a list of our six favorite hidden gem photo locations in Brooklyn for the people who want their photos to be truly special and one-of-a-kind.

1. WNYC Transmitter Park

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Located in Greenpoint, this local park is the perfect location for a quiet wedding or engagement photo. With waterfront views of the Manhattan skyline and a large pier where you can walk and take photos, the park beautifully captures the casual simplicity of Greenpoint. Do not let the park’s small size deter you, this is a wonderful location that will not be overwhelmed with tourists in the background of your photos.

You can learn more about WNYC Transmitter Park here

2. Dumbo

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This Brooklyn neighborhood is truly one of the most picturesque areas of the borough. In recent years, Dumbo has grown in popularity, especially the park right on the water. However, there are many areas of Dumbo that are perfect hidden gem photo locations just waiting to be discovered! Walking through Dumbo feels like travelling back in time to old New York City. There is classic architecture and old cobblestone streets which create a magical backdrop for your wedding photos!

You can learn more about Dumbo here

3. Marsha P. Johnson State Park

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Formerly the East River State Park, this seven-acre park is located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. This park has everything you could want in a photo location: views of the Manhattan skyline, a large green lawn, cobblestone streets, and railroad tracks embedded in concrete, all in a waterfront park. Future plans for this park include a colorful art installation dedicated to Marsha P. Johnson which will make a perfect backdrop for any wedding or engagement photos.

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You can learn more about the Marsha P. Johnson State Park here

4. Eagle Trading Co

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If you are looking for a more vintage industrial look for your wedding photos, look no further than Eagle Trading Company. This coffee shop located in Greenpoint offers the perfect combination of industrial design with vintage touches such as old-fashioned coke bottles to create a truly unique atmosphere. There are so many photo opportunities contained in this small coffee show it is the perfect location for wedding portraits or an engagement shoot!

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You can learn more about Eagle Trading Co here

5. Park Slope

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The Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn is filled with Instagram worthy photo locations perfect for any style. If you are looking for a more classic and historic feel, you can visit Prospect Park or the historic district and brownstones. Looking for a trendier feel in your photos? Look no further than the neighborhoods many wall murals and cafes. Whatever style you are looking for, you can find the perfect photo location in Park Slope.

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You can learn more about Park Slope here

6. Industry City

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Industry City is a manufacturing complex in the Sunset Park neighborhood. We know it doesn’t sound like the best place for a photoshoot but after they redeveloped the area it became a gold mine of photo opportunities. Industry City combines an industrial vibe with lots of greenery to create a very unique style for photos. There are also many wedding venues in the area so you don’t have to go far for your perfect portrait location!

You can learn more about Industry City here

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