Top 5 Luxury Wedding Venues in Quebec, Canada

Searching for the perfect venue to have your wedding may come as a struggle to some. Maybe you do not want to be in the United States but you also want the destination to be somewhere family and friends may be willing to travel. Well, a perfect solution that I bet slipped your mind is the beauty of Canada. What is better than a destination wedding that is relatively easy for your loved ones to travel to, eh?

When looking into wedding venues, Quebec struck the eye. The range of venues and different cities is big enough to fit the needs of a variety of bridal tastes. Below are just a handful of stunning, luxurious wedding venues found in the heart of Quebec, Canada.

  1. Le Windsor Montreal

Montreal, Quebec

Le Windsor 3.png

If you or your significant other are big on history, then this is especially the place for you. This wedding venue is luxury at your fingertips. Le Windsor is one of the most reputable and historic reception places in Montreal. There are two ballrooms that would both make for a stunning reception space. One of the ballrooms is inspired by the French Renaissance while the venue’s second ballroom is more of a Victorian style. Le Windsor also has a room known as “Peacock Alley.” This room is perfect for your ceremony and is also often used for cocktail hour. The “Peacock Alley” room is lined with marble flooring, high ceilings and crystal chandeliers. No matter what space of Le Windsor you are in, you are promised elegance.

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Le Windsor 4.png

2. Le Belvedere

Wakefield, Quebec

Belvedere 1.png

Le Belvedere is a different speed than the venue above. If you’re all about nature and the breathtaking views it has to offer then this should be placed high on your list. This venue is a hidden gem sitting on top of a stunning cliff overlooking the Gatineau Hills. Those views are carried into their reception room with grand windows allowing all to continue to drool over such stunning scenery. Le Belvedere has lots to offer including two separate places for accommodations. The Guest House is a beautiful country styled home for the bride to get ready for her dream day in. They also offer The Wakefield Grand which sits on 6 acres of forest and can be accommodating to 28 family members and friends. Le Belvedere is a beautiful getaway, nestled on a hill, to create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Belvedere 2.png

Belvedere 6.png

Belvedere 5.png

3. Plaza Vogue, PMG

Saint-Leonard, Quebec

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Plaza Vogue screams modern and chic. Their venue offers three different rooms to hold your wedding reception in. Although, it does not end there! Plaza Vogue is part of an even bigger company known as the Plaza Management Group. PMG has more than one venue to offer, in fact they have 12. Sounds absolutely crazy right? But, this actually gives you the opportunity to find exactly what you’re looking for in Quebec. Each venue by PMG is absolutely stunning and has so much to offer. We highly suggest taking a look at their website to see exactly what we’re talking about. To give you a little bit of an idea there a few photos from Plaza Vogue below.

Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 5.45.37 PM.png

4. Beatnik Hotel

Bromont, Quebec

Love a rustic vibe? Well that is exactly what Beatnik can give you for one of the most special days of your life. This venue offers a wood barn with a view of the mountains. La Bella Planners has done barn weddings before and let us tell you, it is STUNNING. What is better than an empty barn that you get to allow your brain to think of the most insane ideas in order to create your dream venue. Beatnik Hotel is most definitely a breathtaking venue that should be highly considered for your wedding day.

5. L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel

Montreal, Quebec

If you want stylish, then we’ve found the venue for you. L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel has a lot of character built into its walls. From the cocktail hour room to the reception you’re promised something unique. La’Auberge is unique all the way down to their names. In specific, their cocktail hour room is named “The Attic.” It sounds like your guests would be in a cramped hot room when in reality it’s open and airy. L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel is a place no one, even your guests, could never forget.

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