How To Determine the Right Wedding Planning Package for You

Congratulations! You are starting the process of planning your wedding!

While the wedding planning process can be a very exciting time, it can also be extremely stressful. It makes sense why you may want to hire a planner to help guide you through this process. There are many different ways that planners can be used during wedding planning but how do you determine how they can be most useful for your wedding specifically?

We wanted to write a post that will lay out all of the packages we offer and where they would be most useful in the wedding planning process. Each package is unique and they can all be tailored to best fit you.

You just got engaged!

…Now what?

This is the perfect planning package for you if you have no idea where to start in the planning process. Our team picks up your planning from the beginning and starts with helping you choose a venue and a date that works for you. From there, we guide you through booking the rest of your vendors and designing your event. We will even make a budget plan for you so you can see a realistic overview of the cost of your event. Full-Service Planning is the highest package we offer so it is the most hands-on; we will be with you through everything.

After you have booked a few vendors, sometimes you can hit a plateau in the planning process. This is where our Partial Planning package is the perfect option for you. Allow us to take the reigns and keep your planning moving in the right direction. We will help you find any remaining vendors and assist with the event design. This is a perfect in-between option for people who do not need us for the beginning stages of planning but require a bit more guidance with vendors and details.

This is our smallest planning package, starting six weeks prior to your wedding day. We start with a kick-off meeting where we go over all of the planning that you have done up until that point and what still needs to be done. We take care of all of the smaller details and last minute vendors that need to be booked. Month-Of Planning is a great option for you if you need someone to come in and take over for the last few weeks before the wedding so you can relax and enjoy the end of the planning process.

Since every wedding is unique and requires different levels of planning, all of our packages can be customized to best fit your needs. We will work with you to come up with a plan that works best for you and your wedding. No matter what stage of planning you are at, there is a planning package that is perfect for you!

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