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Jacqueline and Andrews fairytale wedding was certainly a day to remember. There is something truly remarkable and memorable about a wedding where the adoration, love, and elegance is felt throughout the day, however, Jacqueline and Andrew’s wedding encompassed just that. The romantic decor matched with the unique and timeless venue translated into a beautiful wedding. Their celebration was certainly unique and memorable for the couple and each and every one of their guests.

The House of Makeup made sure that the bride was feeling beautiful for her big day. Matt Murphy Lighting installed the lighting which took the reception room to the next level. Wildflower Florals provided beautiful arrangements that accented the decor perfectly. Brooklyn Bluegrass Collective and Long Island Sound managed to keep moods high for the celebration with their flawless music styles. Gurney’s Star Island ensured a beautiful day for the couple, matched with stunning views and a unique venue.

William Thomas Photography captured every gorgeous moment to create memories that will surely last a lifetime.

Jacquelene and Andrew 0170.jpg

Jacquelene and Andrew 0187.jpg

Jacquelene and Andrew 0417.jpg

Jacquelene and Andrew 0815.jpg

Jacquelene and Andrew 1064.jpg

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Jacquelene and Andrew 1717.jpg

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Jacquelene and Andrew 1146.jpg

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