Your Go-To Guide for Writing Your Own Vows

 Wedding Vows have a reputation of being a profound promise spoken by each partner. However, modern weddings have taken a turn from the original constructs of wedding vows to a more personal and heartfelt approach. Although writing personal wedding vows can be nerve-wracking, we have compiled a few basics each partner can use to not only touch their guests but their partners as well. Following these few basics can touch hearts in a meaningful and memorable way. 

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First, mention “why.” To start your vows, draw your guests and your partner in! Start with a story about your first date, or maybe a great memory that every single guest can hear and be attracted to. In your “why,” make sure you mention every reason that prompted you to get to know your partner better in the beginning, all of the reasons that made you fall farther in love with your partner, and finally all of the reasons you are saying “I do!”

Looking back is the next statement you can make to draw that connection to the past and the present moment. In this statement, one can strive to bring the past into connection to the present moment, awaiting to promise the rest of your life to your partner. To draw that connection, a partner can mention a milestone that the couple had hit in the past, that laid the foundation of their relationship. Afterall, relationships that flourish into marriage are special and unique to every couple. Let your guests and partner know how much you appreciate your relationship, what it means to you in the present, and how the past helped you to get to your wedding day!

Mentioning your partners qualities is essential to your personal vows. In this section of your vows, a partner should list each of the other partners important qualities that aided in your decision to say, “I do.” Whether it be your partners ability to make you laugh, make you feel loved or confident, each quality you list in your vows is a sweet method in showing how much you appreciate your partner. Appreciation is a method of drawing your guests and partner into what you’re saying while simultaneously letting every know how much you treasure the bond you share with your partner! 

Finally, make your vow! This aspect of your vows is practically the most important and the most personal. This assures your partner that the life they will share with you is a journey they will look forward to embarking on with you. Let them know single every promise you make to them and the ways in which you will fulfill those promises. 

Now, take a deep breath! You did it! Congratulations to you and your partner. These basics not only ensure a profound message but a connection to your guests and your partner. As you seal your promises with a shared kiss and “I do,” be at peace knowing that your vows not only show the appreciation you hold for your partner but also the love you will radiate for the rest of your wedding day and throughout your future. Enjoy your day and the rest of your lives, the journey has just begun!



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