Sentimental Gifts for your Significant Other on the Morning of the Wedding Day

The morning of one’s wedding day is what some look forward to from the time they were little. There is butterflies, excitement, and nostalgia. Trying to take it in all at once and not miss a single moment. But sometimes you need just one thing the morning of that can slow you down and make you even more thankful for the moment you’re in. It has become more typical now a days for significant others to gift each other the morning of their wedding day. It does not have to be extravagant, but it’s a beautiful gesture and heightens the excitement to get down the aisle and become one.   

            Here is a list of a few items to make your soon-to-be smile!

A Letter/Card


This is one of the most sentimental gifts. There are plenty of people who do not want to write their own vows because they do not want to say them in front of a crowd. So, this is the perfect opportunity to let your significant other know how much you love them right before you do get down the aisle together. 


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Cufflinks are just as important to the groom as the wedding dress is to the bride. This is something your groom is sure to treasure.

Cufflinks are just as important to the groom as the wedding dress is to the bride. This is something your groom is sure to treasure.

Jewelry is always a staple piece when a big event is occurring. Whether for a man or a woman it is promised to be a keepsake. With that being said we’ve brainstormed some ideas for both him and her.

            For the men, some staple pieces that we have seen be gifted are cuff links and a watch. Then, for our ladies, we have a necklace, earrings, and maybe even another ring (that is not the wedding band of course!). Both of the items for the bride and groom can be gifted with the intention of being worn on the day of the wedding.

   Bottle of Favorite Whiskey

Ladies, I am sure you cannot go wrong with a bottle of your soon to be husband’s favorite alcohol. Let him kick his feet back with his best man and whoever he may be getting ready with to enjoy a glass. This is the perfect way to knock some nerves right before standing before all your loved ones. Also, fellas if you’re soon to be wife likes whiskey too then you can do the same. Although, she may prefer to pop open a bottle of champagne with her ladies.

     Writing on the Bottom of Wedding Day shoes

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Writing on the bottom of your significant other’s shoe has become popular fairly recently in the last decade. Write a sweet little note so that when walking down the aisle to each other you have love walking with you each step of the way. But I highly advise you do not write on the bottom of your significant others shoes if they are red bottoms. That will be completely frowned upon!   

A Photo Album/Boudoir Album

Now this is a sweet gesture! A photo album is a great way to reminisce. You get to look back on your love and everything you have been through together. To add to the photos, you can write out a little blurb as to why some of these photos are your favorite. This is just another solidification of why you cannot wait to make it down the aisle.

Another suggestion is a Boudoir Album. For those unfamiliar, a boudoir photoshoot is an album of exclusive and sometimes seductive photos taken by professional photographers. If you are comfortable with the idea of taking these photographs, then it is the perfect gift for your groom-to-be. Show your man the beautiful woman he is about to marry!

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