Winter Weddings, Yes Please!

There’s just something so romantic and intimate about a winter wedding- especially a New York winter wedding.  Between the rich colors, the snow on the ground and the crisp air at your back, winter weddings leave us feeling all warm and mushy inside.  We love them, and we love planning them!

New Yorkers are out and about all times of the year, but it’s hard to drag us out from underneath our comforters in the cold and dreary winter months.  Planning a winter wedding can be the one event that your guests look forward to… not to mention the major bargain you will undoubtedly get!

Many venues and vendors offer huge discounts on their services in the winter months, and coupled with a rocky economy, venues and vendors alike are more willing to work with you and their availability is flexible.

Our three favorite winter wedding ideas for 2012 are:

1. Choose a small wedding venue (perhaps a restaurant) with a fireplace to create a Lounge atmosphere.  Guests can sit on comfortable couches or stand and mingle, and they won’t feel like they are in a huge, uninviting room.

2.  Instead of having the open bar beginning at cocktail hour, serve hot apple cider (spiked, of course) and hot cocoa to your guests.  They will appreciate the drink to warm their bodies.

3.  Escape to a log cabin in Maine or Vermont for your honeymoon and cozy up to your main squeeze by a fireplace.  Enjoy outdoor activities like skiing, ice skating or ramp of the excitement with a  snow mobile.

No matter what time of year, your wedding will be amazing.  However, if you’re looking to save a few bucks a New York winter wedding, or a Long Island winter wedding will be welcomed by your guests as the event of the season.  It will pay off in every way.





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