What To Put On Your Wedding Website

A wedding website is great, because as a bride and groom you don’t want to be answering the same questions a million times every day (trust us, you have a thousand other things that need to get done).  But like anything, a wedding website takes time to put together, and can be a really special way to take your guests inside the story of you and your fiancé.

Once your wedding website is done, it can be used as a one-stop shop for your guests.  After perusing your wedding website, your guests should know all the essential details of your upcoming nuptials as well as any details regarding a bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner.

Below, La Bella Planners has laid out some core recommendations on subject areas that should be included on your wedding website:

About Us

A little background about the bride and groom is always an interesting read, especially for guests who want to get to know you both better. Don’t forget to talk about how you met, maybe include a photo gallery, and of course, your proposal story! People want to know how he popped the question.


Introduce your immediate family, bridal party, and any other key members of the wedding like ushers and Emcee(s).  It’s always nice to recognize the people who are putting time and economic resources into your wedding.  A nice addition might be to write a quick blurb about how you met and why you chose each of these people to be included in your special day.

Ceremony and Reception Details

Make sure the location names, date, and times are on this page. Include maps, directions, and parking information, too. Inform guests if there is a dress code, cash bar, food service, etc. so they are aware and prepared. If special ceremonies will be taking place, you can always let your guests know what it’s all about here so they’ll know what to expect.

Schedule of Events

A timeline of the wedding day is helpful so guests can plan ahead, especially if there is a gap between the ceremony and reception. Suggestions on what guests can do between wedding events can be written here too (include a local coffee shop or bar where guests might be able to spend a couple of hours)

Information For Out-of-Towners

Include links to accommodations (don’t forget to reserve a block of rooms) and suggest some things to do or places to see during their stay. It’s a nice gesture!  If you are staying at the same hotel, La Bella Planners recommends a post wedding brunch.


If there is a change in plans or any updates your guests need to know, put them on this page. Make sure to remind them to bookmark that page or visit the website regularly in case there are updates.

Registry Information

Including a Gift Registry card in your invitations can be considered tacky. To be safe, you can add it on your website. If you aren’t sure how to word it, write something along the lines of, “Thank You For Thinking Of Us”.

RSVP Methods/Contact Information

Let people know how to contact you to RSVP or simply ask questions about your wedding. Include phone numbers and email addresses on this page. A lot of couples choose to create a new email address just for the wedding so you might want to do that to keep all wedding correspondence separate from the rest of your emails.

Did you include different information?  What worked for you?  We want to know!



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