New York City Event Planners: Should Children Celebrate Your Wedding With You?

Weddings are a time of love, family, celebration and joy, so does a young, screaming 6-month-old fit into that picture? It can be a very tough decision for couples when planning their wedding. Many want to include all their family and friends, no matter what their age, but additional elements and costs can accompany those who are younger.


  • Children can add fun and light-heartedness to any celebration – every loves when baby Tommy breaks out on the dance floor!
  • No chance for awkward phone calls when Aunt Jenny misreads the invitation that says no children and tells you how excited her young girls are for the wedding


  • A child screaming through your vows
  • Temper tantrums at the reception
  • Additional costs for a babysitters, children’s food etc

If yes, prepare!

Much of this can be done by the children’s parents (if they remember), but having a few things ready is always a good backup!

  • Decide early! You (along with the children’s parents) should have ample time to make plans for their children and the big day.
  • Give kids a goodie bag stocked with drawing pads and mini-puzzles to keep them busy.
  • Hiring a babysitter can free up parents to have a good time and focus less on their little ones and more on their wedding.
  • Be clear on invitations on who is invited (i.e., do not address the envelope to “The Johnsons” but rather to “Mary and Tom Johnson”.
  • Don’t have a kids table (unless you have a babysitter!). A table full of unsupervised kids is the last thing you want during dinner.
  • Have kid-friendly food for dinner!

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