Wedding Trend Alert: The Pop-Up Wedding

Free spirits? Hipsters? Love the idea of an elopement, but still want to be surrounded by friends and family? You’ll be pleasantly surprised by a growing trend in the wedding world. Enter the pop-up wedding.

Locations are never booked ahead of time, planning is minimal and fingers are crossed that you and your partner don’t get asked to leave before you are pronounced husband and wife.

The whole idea is to focus on the vows, the cherished moments of commitment, the joy of publicly declaring your love, and not a huge wedding affair. It takes away the stress and adds thrill, excitement and the style and flair of an elopement.

The wedding comes down to the bridal party attire, a photographer, an officiator and of course any extra “props”. This couple from Sydney brought these charming flowers to add some pizazz to their spot.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.49.27 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.49.10 PM

So what makes this a growing trend? There are a few attractive components to this arrangement. You are able to make any outdoor location the backdrop to your perfect day – imagine the Eiffel Tower, a charming street in Boston, the Empire State building across the east river.

Furthermore, it’s incredibly appealing for young, in love couples who aren’t interested in spending the current average of $35,000 for a New York wedding.

According to a wedding planner in the Washington DC area, couples have “held ceremonies at a church converted into an art gallery painted with the colors of the rainbow, and inside the pearly marble atrium of the American Art Museum. They also married a couple in one of the Smithsonian museums.”

“When I was really small, my parents would take me to the Natural History Museum, and I just remember feeling this sense of awe when I looked at that giant elephant,” Winters says. “I really wanted to find the right couple to marry [there], and when our bride told us she had just gotten back from a safari in Africa … it was perfect.”

Whimsical, adventurous, spontaneous, and exciting, we have a feeling this trend is here to stay.

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