Wedding Gift Registry Q&A

Shopping for your wedding registry is something that every bride and groom to- be dreams of doing, I’d be willing to bet that it’s the one pre-wedding planning activity that does not cause stress-induced jitters.  In every romantic movie about getting married, we see the couple running around the store registering for everything in sight.  Unfortunately, (like we all eventually realize) life is not like the movies.  Registering for everything in the store is just plain silly.  Your registry should have some thought put into it, and ideally your registry should have input from both of the parties involved  Consider registering for kitchen supplies, bedding and bathroom decor  as well as a couple of man-cave nik-naks (gadgets can spruce up a room too!).

Do I Need to Create Separate Registries for My Bridal Shower and Wedding?

You only need to have one registry that you can continue to update throughout the length of your engagement.  With that in mind, it is very common to register at more than one store.  Some of our favorite new york bridal registry locations are Sur La Table, William Sanoma and Bloomingdales.   La Bella Planners recommends creating a registry as one of the first things you should do once you get engaged.  We love it when our clients have the registry ready as early as the engagement party. This allows engagement party guests options on what to bring.

Once you’ve created your registry tell your mother, future mother-in-law and your bridal party where you’ve registered. Most guests will turn to these sources for the information.  Another great way to ‘promote’ your registry is on your wedding website (see our blog on what to put on your wedding website).

Can I Request Group Gifts for Larger Items?

During any point of your engagement, it is not proper etiquette to request certain gifts from people.  Guests usually confront close family members or members of the bridal party if they are stuck on what to get you.

If you tell the people close to you about a larger item, they would mention it if they were approached about what you wanted. 

How Long Should I Wait Before Taking My Registry Down After the Wedding?

Many stores will keep your registry live until a year after the wedding so relatives and friends can buy you a wedding gift if they didn’t before the wedding or shop for the perfect first anniversary gift.

You should receive an alert from the stores before they close your registry to give you an opportunity to buy any remaining items. Couples may receive a discount, usually 10%, on these products.

Should We Include Registry Information on Our Wedding Invitation?

In the past it was frowned upon to include your registry information in your invitation suite.  Fortunately times have changed and guests attending would rather have the information in front of them then have to call you or find someway to learn where you are registered.  Like we already said, a favorite way of communicating where you are registered is by including it on your website.

While registering for gifts for your wedding is exciting, it is always important to keep in mind that you should never make your guests feel like in order to attend your wedding they need to bring a gift (whether it is monetary or a tangible item).  You should be having your wedding because you want to celebrate one of the most important dates in your life with your friends and family.

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