Wedding Day Flowers

Apparently flowers are a big deal when it comes to weddings. So how do you know if you’re picking the perfect flowers for your special day? It’s the same way you’d make any important decision: by doing your homework first. You have to be prepared by making a budget, doing a little research and asking the important questions.

  1. Make a serious budget. It doesn’t matter what color flowers you want or what type of arrangement, you need to know exactly how much you can afford. This means figuring out what your entire wedding will cost you and deciding what percentage you want allocate to floral arrangements. Generally, 10-15% is a good number. Remember, flowers are used at the ceremony, as well as decorating around the celebration space and centerpieces. They are very useful. If you have no budget, good for you, move on to #2.
  2. Research and data gathering. Most of us know what a rose looks like, but can you tell the difference between hydrangeas and ranunculus? Do you know what colors you’ll want? Look through magazines, blogs and flower shops for ideas and take note of what you like. If you can articulate what you want, you can make good decisions as to how you’ll spend your money.
  3. Ask for initial guidance.Trying to pick out floral arrangements and working within a budget by yourself can be a handful, especially if you’re not a florist by nature. It’s always good to have an experienced person nearby that you can count on for initial guidance. One idea is to speak with local florists. Most of the time you can get good, honest answers from a few local outfits. They will also help you figure out what will be in season and a “base price” for you to work with. Another idea is to speak with someone that has just planned a wedding and ask about their experiences in picking out floral arrangements.
  4. Storage. Where are you storing the flowers? Do you have climate controlled areas in your home or apartment? Maybe your venue can let you store the flowers at a low level of refrigeration? Ask the florist or the venue and include this in your budget. If you don’t have refrigeration, this is probably not worth doing on your own.

Once you have done your research and realized what you want and what you can afford, the only thing to do is execute. Make sure you plan for contingencies by having a back up plan in case the florist cannot deliver. Find a florist near the venue a few days before the wedding and speak with the manager; see if they can be available on short notice.

If you need help with floral arrangement ideas or any other aspect of your wedding or special event, contact us! La Bella Planners specializes in weddings and eloquent special events.

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