Top 5 Creative Alternatives to Walking Down the Aisle

Consider giving this ceremony tradition a personalized makeover!

Romantic wedding ceremony aisle

Just because something is a tradition doesn’t mean you have to do it—traditions can be great, but they aren’t rules. We love when couples get creative and forge their own traditions. With that in mind, let’s talk wedding ceremony processions. If you don’t want to go the conventional route where one of you walks down the aisle with your father while the other waits at the altar, you should feel freer than free to shake things up. Maybe you’re not close to your parents. Maybe you’re a same-sex couple who wants to buck heteronormative traditions. Maybe you’re just way too nervous to have everyone’s eyes on you while walking down the aisle. Whatever your reasons, we’ve got some great aisle walk alternatives to help you find something that feels right for you. Find one you love here, or create your own!

One After the Other

The groom should have a moment to shine too! He can walk down the aisle to his own entrance song, then the bride can follow with her own. But who says the bride has to go last? Give your guests something to talk about and mix up the order. This is also a perfect setup for same-sex couples if both partners want a chance to walk to the altar.

Walk Together

The to-be-weds walk arm in arm to the altar. This also works well if you happen to have a complicated family dynamic—choosing to make the stroll with your fiancé can alleviate the stress of figuring out an escort.

Meet at the Altar

Lose the aisle walk altogether and both enter the ceremony on either side of the altar.

Have Two (or More) Aisles

There are so many unique ways to set up your ceremony seating. Seat your guests in the round or in a left-right-and-center formation, creating two aisles down which you can process simultaneously.

Do It Yourself

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with walking to the altar solo. Whether you’re feeling super independent or don’t know how to choose someone to accompany you, make that once-in-a-lifetime trip all about you and the love of your life waiting at the end.

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