To include your pet or not include your pet… that is the question.

You’re wearing the most beautiful dress ever created; he is wearing the suit of his dreams. As a couple you look and feel perfect, you have never looked this beautiful before. Everyone you love and like is waiting to share one of the most important days of your life with you, everyone except the one you live with, who relies on you and on whom you bestow so much love. Your pet!!!

Should you leave your dog or cat or bird, the one to whom you tell all your secrets, at home? Nah, that is so old fashioned. Make them part of the ceremony, but do so carefully and cautiously. This can be dangerous if done improperly. Make sure someone has their eye on the pet during the entire event.

Brides and grooms have recently decided that they will not leave their pet out of this wonderful day any longer. Some pets are actually part of the bridal party, so says the Wall Street Journal, while others are just guests.

The choice is yours. You will not be alone if you choose to include your pets but you will have to deal with some naysayers whom you can bet will have a great deal to say to each other. Chatty Cathy’s is how we like to refer to them.

We believe that as a bride and groom you are responsible to make your guests comfortable, i.e. air conditioning in 90 degree weather, heat when it is cold, great food, good music and safe conditions.

Anyone who walks their dog knows that there are many people who are afraid of dogs. It will be the responsibility of the bride and groom to be sure there is a hired professional handler present so a guest will not be uncomfortable and bothered by your pet.

Guests at a wedding are wearing good clothing and do not want animal hair on them or to step in animal ‘poo’ while dressed up. You do not want 100 guests feeding your pet until it is ill. Properly handled your pet, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the wedding without worry. If all precautions are taken, your pet can be the honored guest you wish him/her to be.

La Bella Planners recommends that somewhere on your wedding invitation (or any event invitation) you may want to state that your pet will be present allowing people to decide if they can handle the situation or not.

We must admit that including your pet in your wedding definitely ups the ante on the cute photos. We can’t get enough pictures of cute dogs and cats.

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