THINK long and hard when tenting an event

Tents are incredible. If selected correctly they can be a unique wonderland. Place them in the woods, a backyard, a park, or near a lake – wow!

If however you do not prepare properly your enchanted vision will be the fodder of gossip among your family and friends for years to come. Avoid this mishap by thinking of these issues before hand:

Advise guests to dress properly. Hot afternoons on the beach turn into cold evenings and sweatshirts become necessary. Perhaps think about sweatshirts as a great favor.

Will there be many elderly people attending your event?

If so, think about golf carts to get them to the beach, or the woods and when they arrive the tent must have a floor so that they are stable on their feet. You want grandma to survive your happy occasion.

Bugs crawling up legs and into handbags, mud on expensive shoe heels, portable toilettes for people who have never used them, and no air conditioning can turn your loved ones into an angry mob.

Tents and nature are wonderful but be prepared. Every camper knows and follows that motto. One never knows when a thunderstorm or flash rainstorms can occur. Be ready with tent flaps that close and generators that can light your event even if nature is not cooperating.

Before committing to a nature tent event be sure to think of all the variables that could make this a disaster. As long as you have thought it all out, all will be well. Naturally a long island wedding planner would be better prepared because they do this all of the time. Let La Bella Planners help you with your tent event.

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