The Mangagement Ring

Can this be the first 2012 wedding planning trend that we see?  Or is it just a bad trend that keeps surfacing every couple of years? What are your thoughts about not only proposing to your man, but giving him a ring?  It’s a very forward concept, but maybe ‘marking’ your man before you get hitched is the new wave of the future.

After all, women are independent, we earn our own money, manage our own businesses and if we think showing our love with a big ring is a way to show our affection for our our guys (not to mention what a power move it is!) …we say go for it!

Bill Maher, an HBO talk show host did a segment on the mangagement ring on his Friday, February 10th 2012 show and said that currently 5% of males in the USA wear a mangagement ring.  5% seems like quite a lot, and only leaves us wondering if promise rings can be mistaken for a mangagement ring… or are they the same thing?

Amanda Gizzi from the Jewelry Information Center recently told that engagement rings for men are a new concept here in the United States.

Men and women both wear engagement rings in a lot of countries around the world. For the United States it has never been our tradition. Therefore, it is a foreign concept to most people.

The practice of both a man and a woman wearing rings on the right hand when engaged, then switching them to the left hand when married, is common in South America, for example.

She says that in the U.S., the idea is more focused on new-found equality – ideal for men who wish to indicate to the world they they, too, are off the market.

The idea that the man will also wear an engagement ring gives relationships a new sense of equality. It is a pre-commitment, commitment from both the man and the woman.’

Not only are more women emboldened to pop the question nowadays – a recent poll by an online dating site in the UK found that while the idea was unthinkable 30 years ago, one in ten women have now proposed – but gay marriages are providing a market for mannish versions of diamond bands.

In 2011, Details Magazine wrote an article from a male perspective and found that a male who had been given an engagement ring by a female was excited to wear it and he did not feel his ‘Alpha Male’ coming out at all. However, Chris Easter of also told the magazine that he believed it was all a sales trick.  He said, “We’re in a rough economy.  The groom’s engagement band is just a sales tactic invented by jewelers to trick young couples into spending money.”

From my own personal experience, I can’t imagine my boyfriend being excited about wearing an engagement ring.  J and I are a very laid back couple.  We have been together for 7 years and are in no rush to run down the aisle.  We love the place that we’re at and are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together.  Even with all the casual-ness in our relationship (if you will), I feel like if I got down on one knee and proposed to J he would feel awkward and a little intimidated.

My relationship isn’t for everyone, heck I am an event planner who specializes in planning weddings and I am so passionate about planning them… it’s just not my time to have one yet.  So maybe giving a mangagement ring to your man is the right thing.

Whatever the case is, you should never feel embarrassed or shy about telling and showing your man how you feel!

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