Surprise Party 101

The room is dark, you look awful, you’re tired and wearing clothes you do not feel comfortable in.  Fast forward 5 seconds and the lights switch on with everyone you hold near and dear screaming surprise!(Please note that the only way that this would be a successful surprise, would be if the person throwing you the surprise party had a chic pair of clothes for you to change into.)

Surprise parties can be terrific but there are many sides of the surprise that you must examine before making the surprise party your gift to someone.

First and foremost, does the person like surprises?

I know that everyone is supposed to love a good surprise, but I don’t think that is true for all of us.  Some people like to plan themselves.  They are perfectionists that want to know everything that is going on and be part of it.  They would never feel that you know exactly what they would like and besides, they often like their way best.

Second; KNOW the person you are surprising.

You will need to know what the person wants more than anything without asking.  A party is a big deal; lots of time and money will be spent.  You want it to be “the best ever” and for that to happen it must be personal.

For example, do you know all the people that should be present and those that she/he would prefer not to have?  Do you know without asking favorite flowers, songs, colors, foods, drinks, clothing, special moments and more?

Third; Obtaining the 411 can be tricky.

Will obtaining information be uncomfortable or be a dead giveaway that a “surprise” party is in the works?  Some people are intuitive; a few questions before a major birthday can be give the recipient a clear idea without probing very far.

Be mindful of how uncomfortable it is know about your surprise, and to keep the secret that they know everyone is keeping?  In most cases the most difficult part of this is to act surprised as they enter the room.

La Bella Planners recently worked on a surprise 60th birthday for a  wife/mother (November 2012).  It went off without a hitch because we worked with the husband and the daughter sharing ideas, while they were able to subtly hit her from two directions gathering info for the guest list.

Just remember to proceed with caution, a surprise party is a daunting idea for some while some bask in the glory!

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