Superbowl Party Planning Tips

The big weekend is upon us, and we cannot be more excited to cheer on Eli Manning and the boys.  Let’s go Big Blue!  Here are some tips on throwing a New York Giant Super Bowl party that makes for an easy, exciting and memorable party that will keep even the most uneducated football fan yearning for some overtime.

I think that I may be one of the only people who doesn’t have a flatscreen TV (although, my boyfriend informed me that a Flat Screen TV would be one of our big 2012 purchases), so there will be no viewing parties at my apartment.  However on Sunday morning, I will be making my way to a home with a rather large flat screen so I can catch all the action up-close and personal.  This particular party has been put together in two-weeks and to be honest, that is too much time.  This is the type of party that can be thrown together in a day or two*!

Seeing as the the Giants have made it to the Super Bowl, I declare it a ‘cheat day’.  You can enjoy the bad-for-you foods without over-doing it.

Super Bowl Necessities:

-Wings ( a different variety of hot, bbq, honey-mustard)




-Veggie Platter

-Chili (and all the fixin’s)


-One of the only occasions that we recommend using paper plates, paper napkins and solo cups.  Costco actually has very cute football plates and napkins that work perfectl, otherwise you can find them at your local grocer.  Paper products are   Appropriate and an easy clean up.

-Beer (we love a Keg for this type of event, and this should be ordered a couple of days in advance, they tend to sell-out quickly)

There are different ways to throw a super bowl party, but one of our favorite ways is to have a potluck.  It is fun, everyone will love to show-off their own dish and it’s less stress on the host.

Make sure to add-in a football bracket to make things interesting for you and your friends/family.  A friendly bet never hurt anyone!

And out favorite Super Bowl party is to add in a drinking game.  For example, every time Eli Manning throws for a first down everyone drinks.  I plan on Eli throwing a lot of them, so this should make good fun for everyone.

Now let’s play a little homage to the New York Giants, celebrate their stats and lead them to a repeat victory of 2008.

The Giants won the 2008 Super Bowl (Super Bowl XLII), 17-14 over the Patriots. The last time that the New York Giants won the Super Bowl prior to that was in 1991 (Super Bowl XXV). The Giants also won the Super Bowl in 1987 (Super Bowl XXI).

**Please don’t drink and drive, it’s NOT worth it!**

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