Long Island Events – Spring is here!

The summer is coming.

The totally outdoor party is just around the corner.

And what fun it can be.  Long Island events and New York events are wonderful this time of year.   No matter the occasion you can plan a semi – outdoor party that somehow feels as though it lasts longer and seems easier than any winter parties.    There is something about a lovely spring event, hope is in the air and everyone is just dying to get outside.  New York and Long Island in the spring are “the places to be” and hosting a spring event can make you the center of everyone’s plans.

There are a few things to remember when hosting a spring fling:

Be sure that you plan with a possibility of rain in mind:

Not to be a downer but hey it is the truth.  A good spring has a great deal of rain, you know April showers and so on.  To get you through this you should arrange a party with a rain date whenever possible or plan an indoor / outdoor event.  Often spring weather brings short time periods of rain, which can allow you to use a deck, patio, or terrace so that you can save and enhance a rain hampered party.  You will want to have your outside décor and seating easily collapsible so that in rain or a possibly a “too cool” evening you can move in and out with ease.

Use plants:

No need to use cut flowers.  All your discount stores, grocery stores, all stores are packed with gorgeous plants that will shorty be placed in the ground.  Gather your California Poppy’s, Lindley’s Blazing Star, nasturtiums, purple bell vines, and Borage which are all gorgeous and later on you can plant them and have a flourishing garden.  Not a gardener?  Allow your guests to take the plants home with them.  You may want to keep a few to try your hand at gardening, you never know unless you try, your inner flower may be waiting to emerge.

Spring Colors:

Make sure your table settings are light and airy feeling.  Soft pastels and contrasting colors make everyone remember times days are getting longer and there is more time for ourselves and for the outdoors.  Try to keep your clothing in line with your décor and shed the black.  It is your home, set the mood with something fun and colorful.

Off With the Heavy Foods:

It is time to change up the menu.  You can grill, for some this may be the first time this season.  For appetizers small vegetable pizzas are easy and just the right mixture for a not too heavy meal.  Fruit and nuts mixed into salads are perfect for this time of your.  Everyone has eyes turned to the warmer weather and watching their waste lines.  Sorbet’s and fruit parfaits are the perfect desserts.  As always try to be as green as possible by using local produce, the environment will approve.  And why not have the first Sangria of the season.

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