See your day through their eyes! Top tips for Instagramming your wedding day.

We live in the glorious world of instantaneous follows and shares. And there’s no doubt that many of your guests will be capturing your event with their smart phones anyway, so why not encourage them to Instagram? Guaranteed they’ll be more than onboard. So much of the beauty and joy of a wedding day is in the sharing!

Here are our top tips for making the process seamless and engaging:

First, create a hash tag. This will help you find your photos on Instagram. Type your hash tag into Google to make sure it’s not already in use. You want it to be original, as well as easy to remember (short is best). Something like #jackandjill or #dickandjanewedding


Second, have a sign on-display that reads something like: “If you Instagram, use hash tag #yourhashtag.” It can be something as simple as a chalkboard sign or small cards at each table reminding guests of your hash tag. And make sure to use the Instagram logo for that ‘pop’ of recognizability.

At the table

Make the language personal and fun!


Thirdly, liven up that cocktail hour! (Kudos if you have an open bar) Keep your guests engaged throughout the day by running a live feed of #yourhashtag posts. We recommend EventsTag, a small London-based company. They’re passionate about sharing photos, love Instagram, and have a soft spot for parties and weddings. All you need is a large screen or projector and a group of people taking photos. Check.

And while the day after wedding buzz is still settling blissfully, or as a ton of bricks, don’t forget to remind your guests about your hash tag via social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc.) Let the fun, smiles and intimacy of the day be seen and enjoyed by all those who couldn’t make it. Or, since you’ll likely be otherwise engaged the day after, maybe designate one of your bridesmaids for that task.



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