Quick Tips for Throwing a Kid-Friendly Reception

Sometimes children can be a very important component of your special day. However, children can be difficult to manage, especially at weddings. Between all of the different activities, staying up late, and constantly moving around, it is pretty easy for kids to get overwhelmed. So we compiled some of our best tips for throwing a wedding reception to make both the kids and their parents feel at ease.

1. Make a craft table

One of the easiest ways to entertain children is with arts and crafts! This will give them a specific location that they can go anytime during the party if they are bored or just need to sit down for a while. Many discount stores have cheap coloring books and crafts that are great for kids and won’t break your budget.

2. Offer kid-friendly menu options

Let’s face it, most kids are not interested in fancy catered dinners. They have simple tastes and they know what they like, so offer it to them! Having familiar foods such as chicken fingers and french fries lower the likelihood of a food-related meltdown, meaning less stress for the parents and for you!

3. High chairs

Along the same lines as #2, high chairs are something that children are familiar with and will make them feel comfortable. Also, if the children are younger than 5, offering high chairs means they do not have to sit on their parents’ laps which can make everyone a bit more comfortable. If the children are over the age of 5, offer them a regular seat (with a booster, if needed) so they can feel like one of the grown-ups!

4. Invite parents to bring sitter

Now, this is optional, but a very good choice if possible. Allowing parents to bring a sitter (or having one sitter for all of the kids) will reduce their stress and allow them to enjoy the reception. Having a sitter can also be useful because they can bring the kids home when it is time for bed while giving parents the freedom to stay as long as they would like.

5. Do not have the reception run too late

What happens to kids when they get tired? They get cranky. No one wants to be worrying about tired and cranky kids toward the end of the night, so have a reception that ends a little bit early. There is nothing wrong with having a party that ends a bit early in order to make the children and their parents feel more comfortable. You can always throw an after party if you want to keep the party going until late at night!

6. Have a separate lounge area where kids can sleep

Many people have small lounge areas at their receptions now because they are a great place for guests to relax and separate themselves from the party for a little while. These lounges can also be great if you are having children at your wedding because it gives them a small area to go nap if they need to. Just make sure the lounge is slightly separated from the dancefloor/main reception area or it may be too loud for them to sleep.

7. Expect the unexpected

You really never know what is going to happen with kids, so be ready for anything!





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