New York Wedding Planners Breaks Down the Complex Question of, “What Type of Wedding Should I Have?”

After getting engaged, you probably have a million different thoughts swirling around in your head. Below, Long Island Wedding Planning Experts and New York Wedding Planning Experts break down the different types of wedding options that are out there.  In the past the choices were limited, today as with most things, the choices are unlimited.  Check them out for yourself…

  • Holding the traditional White Wedding in a reception hall or hotel ballroom has its perks.  It is by far less expensive and certainly less strain on the bride & groom than many other choices.  The planning is the venue’s job and although personal angst is often a normal part of any wedding the knowledge of running an affair for large groups is the prevue of the establishment.  Good banquet halls are usually brilliant at it.  The bride & groom will be able to add their voice but the ambiance, the caterer, the framework is present awaiting a few choices from the couple.  It is an easier road than most of the other choices and you can count on your guests being comfortable and well fed.
  • Many couples are choosing to host a house wedding.  Ideally it should be the least stressful and the most cost effective.  That is true if you can hold your self down from growing the party out of control.  Air conditioned or heated tents, dance floors, parking, bathroom facilities, wait staff, neighborhood ordinances and more often make the affair quite difficult to commandeer.  The preparation of the home and the set up and break down for a wedding can take a great toll on the home as well as neighbors and the cost can sky rocket because everything has to be rented or purchased to accommodate the affair.  It is a lovely choice I think for memory making; to be married in the home you grew up in and remember that moment forever is priceless (just remember to never skimp on the help for set-up and breakdown- it is worth every penny!)
  • A bring-everything-in- yourself wedding venue that offers minimal services while you fill in the rest such as a vineyard, a park, a mansion holds a similar allure to the house wedding but takes away the stress on ones home.  Generally the surrounding areas in a wedding such as this are the lure, whether it is the sea, fields, mountains or the architecture of a structure it is the surroundings that are on display.  Again, this is a couple do all kind of event.  Some places require a couple to use their vendors; others are open to your choices.  Whatever the choices the bride & groom are responsible for all the planning and all the arrangements.  Usually this type of wedding has a fairy tale feel to it but the background the bride and groom will have worked long hours and spent a great deal of money to make the affair what it is.
  • Mini-destination weddings are fun affairs and a great idea if you feel that 5 – 7 hours will not cut it for your idea of a wedding celebration.  Planning a wedding in a place that most guests can drive to, but will need to stay over- night for is interesting.  It changes the idea of a rehearsal dinner, as any guests who have come to stay will need a place to go the evening prior to the event.  The wedding itself can be in a hotel, restaurant or vineyard etc. and that is its own plan.  Usually a brunch the morning following the reception is in place.  It is a wonderful way to spend real time with friends and family and enjoy more than just the moment.  Extending the happy occasion is something we all do too little of in our hustle bustle lives but this is expensive for the couple.
  • Destination weddings are one of our all time favorites.  Other than the cost of transportation they are no different than the mini-destination wedding.  The bride & groom will have to consider that many people may not attend because the cost, and the time factor may cause problems for some guests.  You will be expected to have a full itinerary for your guests for a few days and again you will get to enjoy the splendor of a vacation for several days with those you love.  Cost is high and you may be forced to pay for some people you truly want there that cannot afford the trip.
  • Unusual Wedding Destinations are the up and coming craze.  Rather than Cabo, couples are opting for Viet Nam, Japan, Israel or Indonesia.  Talk about a small wedding, this will be small but it could be an outstanding cultural experience.   Exchanging vows in the temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia or the forests of Argentina would be unique and for most an unforgettable experience.  Naturally the cost would be extravagant.  But the benefits would be a lifetime of memories.  Don’t be scared to hire us as your planners for this one- we are ALL IN!

What ever you choose as your “wedding canvas” should fit your budget and be a statement of your love and commitment to each other.  Remember to enjoy your engagement period, and have fun at your wedding!  It’s a once in a lifetime event.


Photo Credits: Gail Chatelain

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