New York Event Planners Picks Top 5 Summer Party Favors

Everyone wants their party to be remembered, there is no question about it. Hence the reason behind the classic party favors. However, these days they are often becoming something of an afterthought. Favors are becoming more of a hassle (for both hosts AND guests) than a simple reminder of a reason to celebrate. Contrary to every host’s beliefs, there are very few people who take their favor home and place it upon a shrine to their host. In fact, and please prepare yourselves because this next part might sting a bit, but in many cases, favors are brought home, moved around from the counter to the coffee table and every other surface imaginable before they are guiltily thrown in the trash as a result of their uselessness. Favor the favor? Not to worry! In the interest of preventing the upsetting extinction of the party favor, your favorite Long Island event planners have come together to compile their top five party favors that have some serious staying power.

  • Snack packs! First of all, who doesn’t love a good snack pack? No one, that’s who. Sure, you may think that your guests should be able to survive off of the four course meal you’ve served, plus hors devours and a cake that only took two months to pick out, but you are wrong. Once those lights come up and last call is made, your guests are looking for some munchies. Solution? Pass out boxes of mini sliders and some fries on their way out. Have the boxes specially printed with the date and event on the boxes and there you have it- the perfect favor that guests won’t feel guilty about throwing out, AND everyone will remember how cool you are for feeding them on their drive home.
  • One of my FAVORITE trends right now is the latest information about having a photo booth present at the party. It’s simple, guests are invited to pretend they are at an arcade and have their picture taken with (on theme) props and costume pieces, and they get to go home with a strip of pictures of themselves at your party. It’s fun, fast, and nobody throws out a picture of themselves- ergo the perfect party favor.
  • Airplane bottles! So many parties have a signature drink of the night, why not send your guests home with mini-bottles of the ingredients? You know for a fact they will get used and it’s so easy to have new labels printed to personalize the bottles.
  • The candy buffet has become quite popular, and with good reason. Almost everyone loves candy! It’s fun, on the cheaper side, and perfect for both children and adults! Have all your favorite candy choices on display (though I’d stay away from chocolate unless it’s individually wrapped, as it is more likely to melt throughout the night) and provide your guests with bags and personalized ribbons to seal them. You may now check dessert AND party favors off your list!
  • Throwing a destination wedding? Set your guests up with something they’ll use during their time there. Travel sized bottles of sunscreen, bug spray, and aloe (in case they forgot to use the sunscreen you so thoughtfully provided them with) are perfect examples of a useful favor. Your guests will think of you every time they reapply.

No matter what direction you decide to take your favors in, it is important to remain realistic and realize that in some cases, no favor is better than one only you will enjoy. Keep your guests in mind, and they will appreciate you even more for it.

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