New York City Wedding Planners: Is a City Hall Wedding For You?

Often when people think of City Hall weddings they think quick, casual and uneventful, but we have found that they can be the complete opposite – classy, memorable and just as big of a deal as an event wedding.

Here are our top 4 reasons to consider a City Hall wedding:


1. Picturesque

Nothing looks more timeless and classic then strong architecture and memorable city monuments. Having your city’s greatest sights as the background for your photos will be memorable and close to your hear

2.  Intimate

If you are planning on just including close family and friends, then this is perfect for you, basically the ceremony just includes the bridal party (don’t worry, you still get to have a maid of honor!).

3. Cost

The great thing about these weddings is that they are budget friendly. Even if you splurge on a dress and accessories, the bill won’t costs you more than a few thousand dollars.

4. No Fuss, No Wait

Don’t want to wait a year to marry the love of your life? Luckily, City Hall weddings can be pulled together quickly (and we would love to help!) and easily!

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