New York City Wedding Planners: 10 Tips for Making a Great Wedding Toast

Your sister/brother/best friend just asked you to make a toast at their wedding as part of your role as the best man/maid of honor/best friend. Don’t worry! Although sometimes, making a public speech can be daunting, this one will be a breeze with our tips that will keep your speech easy to remember, lovely to hear and most importantly, stress free!



Tip #1:  A toast is just like a mini story, it needs background, comic relief, an anecdote and a conclusion (just all shorter than a traditional story!) What does this mean for you? Map it out! Write out these section and determine what fits wear to make sure you hit all these points.

Tip #2: Super nervous? Not comfortable speaking in front of crowds? Go for a poem, song or quote. This will allow you to memorize word-for-word the main part of your speech, leaving you to add a quick intro and ending.

Tip #3: No more than 10 minutes at the most! 2 minutes is a little two quick – try to aim around 5 minutes if you know the couple well.

Tip #4: Don’t have too much liquid courage beforehand. While it might seem like a great idea to down a few glasses of champagne to loosen your nerves, you want to have a clear head to make it through successfully.

Tip #5: Make a hard copy for the couple to save in their scrapbook – the bride especially, will thank you for this!

Tip #6: Leave it positive, cheerful and supportive. Make sure you end noting how happy you are the couple found each other and wishing them happiness in the years to come. This makes for an easy transition into asking guests to raise their glasses for a toast.

Tip #7: Commit the main points of your speech to paper but make sure you have it memorized before the big day!

Tip #8: Don’t make fun of the groom or bride. This is their big day and you want to make sure they are smiling throughout. This doesn’t mean you can’t poke fun at Jim’s love for romantic comedies or that time Sarah got you lost for 3 hours on the way to homecoming, but keep it light.

Tip #9: No marriage bashing. This is a wedding and a toast is meant to celebrate it, so whatever your views on marriage might be, keep the toast positive!

Tip #10: Make it personal – even if you end up going with a poem or verse of a song, make sure it connects back to the couple!




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