New York City Luxury Wedding Planners: Bring On the Country-Styled Weddings!

Maybe it’s because the fall brings an increase in footwear suited for any cowgirl across the country, or maybe it’s because I’ve been watching the premiere of “Nashville” and already know I will never make plans on Wednesday night ever again, either way- you’re reading about country weddings today!

When asked if they would throw a country themed wedding, most people picture a keg, red plastic cups, and a banjo but y’all are in for a rude awakening! No one ever said that class and country can’t be synonymous! With the integration of country music and popular television and radio, country is taking over this well, country. Thanks to shows like the Voice and Nashville (yes, I mentioned it again- it’s that good) country music is now more mainstream than ever. What we all need to know before we start is that country is not just a musical genre- it is a lifestyle, and a damn fine one at that! So I say we ditch the heels for some boots and call it a day!

Let’s start with the venue. There is almost nothing better than a barn for so many reasons.  First of all, I am not talking about reciting your vows amongst horse manure whilst the chickens and goats run amuck. We will even find some trapper hats for the photos. A non-functioning (in the animal sense) barn makes for an amazing canvas when it comes to your décor. It’s got so much character and personality that the perfect lighting and gorgeous floral arrangements will most likely be all the décor you’ll need! Then of course there’s the countless amount of wardrobe options. There are so many ways to make this wedding your own! Got a favorite pair of boots you want to march down the aisle in? Go for it! Feel like sporting a ten gallon hat instead of a veil? More power to you! The options here are endless! Feel like serving beer instead of Tammy and Mike’s signature “Tamsicle” cocktail? Be my guest! Who even knows what goes into a Tamsicle? I certainly don’t.

Look, whether your favorite celebrity musical couple is Jay-Z and Beyonce,  or Faith and Tim is irrelevant. The point of this blog was to let you know that no matter what everyone else wants at your wedding, remember just that: it is your wedding. Do what makes you and your fiancé happy! And if hunting down your dinner for your reception a la Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton is what makes you happy, then by all means- go for it!


Photo Credits: The Wedding Shoebox

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