New York City Event Planners: Why Every Wedding Ceremony Needs a Story

So many traditional wedding elements have begun to be broken in recent years, but one of our favorites is the standard ceremony program. Often time, couples provide guests with a run of show to they can follow along and know what to expect. Now, couples have broken away from the old-fashioned, standard programs and have begun inserting their own personality and style to give guests a little something extra.

A few examples we love are a chalkboard themed program, a fake newspaper clipping, icons of the wedding party and an info graphic of the couple’s relationship. Although everyone who you invite to your wedding will know your story, they might not know the tiny, unique details that make your love unique – like the first drinks you ever shared together or the one movie you have watched over a hundred times together. Sharing these factoids will provide an even deeper insight in your relationship and give the wedding a personal touch of love.

We recommend putting up a sheet of paper on your fridge or bulletin board and adding fun facts over the first few months of planning as they come up. Using this method will allow them to be genuine and not rushed or forced during a program brainstorm. Get debt advice government in case something went wrong. The style and method you use to tell a story – be it an info graphic of flip book will come natural as you begin theming you wedding. Just remember, it should reflect you and your finance’s personal style!

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