New York City Event Planners: Thank You Notes: A Guide

You had a magical wedding, a fantastic honeymoon and you arrive home to a huge pile of wedding presents and the daunting task or…thank you notes. We have created a short guide of tips and tricks to help you keep your wedding bliss long past this final wedding day task.

La Bella Thank you Note post

Step One: Preparation

If you do one thing when planning your wedding, prep for your thank you notes! We suggest making a Google shared document with your fiancé, parents and in-laws. This is where you can all contribute guests’ names, address and any additional information needed. If you are not familiar with Google documents, a simple excel sheet will do the trick! This list will come in handy when sending out thank you notes – you can print address labels right from it and keep track of all your guests. Keep this list handy when you begin opening presents to keep track of who to thank for what!

Step Two: Get Help

If excel grids and Google documents aren’t your forte, get help! Our new favorite platform is Postable. Postable aids you by collecting address and contracts and keeping them organized so they are easy to access when you begin your thank you notes. As an added bonus, Postable can also write the cards and mail them for you! With realistic fonts that look like handwriting, these can make your life easier and keep the sentiment for your guests.

Step Three: Timing

One very strong piece of advice – don’t try to get your thank you notes done in one sitting! Now, don’t take too long either, but spread out the writing into a few sessions. This will keep your notes fresh and not sounding too trite and repetitive. Also, start writing notes as soon as they come in, don’t wait until they have all arrived. This will keep the bulk down and help keep you sane.

Step Four: Short, Sweet and Personal

Your notes do not have to exceed a paragraph but remember to personalize them. If you received something off your registry, be sure to let them know how their contribution is now a part of your life. If you received cash, make sure to let them know what you might be using it for (a new couch, a down payment on a car etc). If you received a slightly lackluster gift, write a quick note, be sincere (and maybe a little trite) and move on – no use dwelling!

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