New York City Event Planners: Intimate Places for Group Events in NYC

Finding a great bar or restaurant in New York City that accommodates groups is tough – and finding one that provides great service, drinks, food and atmosphere is even harder. When getting together a large group of friends, a college reunion, a book club, or a large family event, picking the right location can be essential.

We have picked our favorite 8 to share – and remember, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to help you plan – no matter how big or small your event is!

  1. Harding’s
  • Harding’s is a relatively new restaurant in the Flatiron District, but has made quite a splash for its atmosphere, food and delicious drinks. Pick from the mezzanine or a cornered off part of the restaurant for your next private party.
  1. Mother’s Ruin
  • Tailored cocktails, gourmet bar snacks and friendly bartenders make this NoLita spot a must to try. They love groups and the noise level stays low so conversations can actually be held across tables.
  1. Dead Rabbit
  • New to the Financial District, Dead Rabbit is the essential visit for those who love old-timey drinks, china plates and delicious nibbles.  Housed in a multi-story landmark building, Dead Rabbit has multiple spaces for private events. Don’t even get us started on their communal punch bowls tables can share – we won’t be able to stop gushing.
  1. Dutch Kills
  • We thought we would give a little love to LIC with this pick – Dutch Kills will serve you delectable specialty cocktails that you will be telling friends about for weeks. With outside the city prices, and right off the subway, this can be a great alternative to the regular NYC bars you hold events at.
  1. The Penrose
  • Often referred to as one of the best bars in NYC, it is no wonder we included The Penrose. This gastro pub is perfection for those in their late 20s and early 30s who want to wander from the noise and crowds of the younger folk. With savory treats and drinks, and a back room to reserve, we highly recommend this space.
  1. The Flatiron Room
  • Another new addition to the Flatiron District pleasantly surprised us when we visited. It has a great 1920s feel and focuses on classic drinks, service and food. The golden points for us were the burlesque themed stage and private rooms that have curtains that will give your group a serene sense of VIP and privacy.
  1. Dove Parlor
  • This spot will transport you to an antique feeling of New Orleans, with the décor and drinks to match. Champagne cocktails or a glass off their impressive wine list is a must and the young crowd gives off a vibe of unpretentious fun.
  1. Wine Bar
  • Wine Bar’s long family style tables allow for easy group get together, and their extensive wine and cheese lists don’t hurt either. An easy hop, skip and jump from the train, this is the perfect location for the wine loving group.

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