New York City Event Planners: Bridal Shower Checklist (For the Bridesmaids!)

For all the maids of honors and bridal parties out there – this is your moment to shine! The bride takes the reins on planning the big day, but it is up to you (and possibly a few female family members), to throw her a shower she will never forget. While many grooms and brides are requesting “couple showers”, bridal showers are still the most popular, and solely female, pre-wedding event.

So what do you need to do? Start planning early so you aren’t stressed!

3/4 Months Before

  • Talk to the bride (this one is the most important!). See what she is thinking in terms of the kind of party, what type of location and who she would like to attend. This conversation is crucial to the rest of your planning.
  • Pick a date – this is the next most important element because it can dictate the location and theme. Showers can be held anywhere between two months before the wedding to two weeks, although we always say – the earlier, the better
  • Guest list: now, as the host, you have a bit of say here, but make sure the bride gives her essentials (and non-essentials) for the invite list.
  • Make the reservation if the party is being held at a restaurant, or confirm the date with the family member or friend who is hosting.
  • Double check the date with essential list members.
  • Choose a theme and get everyone brainstorming!

2 Months Before

  • Let any guests who might be traveling a distance have a big advanced notice – it is a nice gesture and will allow them to make any additional plans.
  • Plan the menu (if it is not at a restaurant).
  • Purchase the invitations. Obtain any guest’s addresses you might not already have.
  • Confirm with other bridesmaids and friends on details – flowers, activities, favors – these will dictate the budget. Order any specialty items you might need.
  • Assign tasks to participating friends and bridesmaids.

1 Month Before

  • Send out those invites! Make sure to include registry information and directions.
  • Get favors together and prepared.
  • Confirm location and any pending details

2 Weeks Before

  • Place any flower orders you planned
  • Buy your own gift and wrap it to avoid last minute hysteria!
  • Plan your outfit – another detail that might add stress closer to the party.

1 Week Before

  • Confirm reservations.
  • Confirm orders and delivery times.
  • Confirm RSVPs.
  • Double check favors and activity plans
  • Buy any groceries and plan dessert details if you are making them yourself.
  • Double check any activities planned and if you need anything for them.

1/2 Day Before

  • Do any food prep you can and get all decorations into a tote bag and ready to go.
  • Confirm with fellow planners who’s bringing what
  • Run last-minute errands.

Day Of

  • Make sure there is a proper seat for the bride, a place for presents and enough napkins.
  • Don’t stress and enjoy yourself!

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