Luxury Wedding Planners Urge All to Appreciate the Bridal Party

It is possible that as soon as you read the title of this particular post you might have thought to yourself “Hold on…I thought this entire day was about me…why would it matter what my bridesmaids think? Don’t they just do whatever I say anyway?” My response to that is as follows: No, your wedding day is not about you as an individual. It is about celebrating you and your fiancé as a couple and the eternal love that you are pledging to one another. If you think for one second that you are going to be the type of bride who walks all over her bridesmaids and then they forgive her in the end then you should think again, because that does not actually happen in real life. In fact, while we are on the subject, the majority of movies in which bridesmaids/groomsmen are not painted in the greatest light (ex: Bridesmaids, The Hangover, Bachelorette) might be hilarious, but are not real life. Just so we’re clear.

Did you know that way back when bridesmaids first came about, it was because they were supposed to protect the bride from evil spirits and jealous ex boyfriends? It’s true. Actually, the part about the ex boyfriends is not true. In those days, arranged marriages were very common and if a bride was to be kidnapped it was usually due to the fact that some other man thought he should have been the guy on the other end of the arrangement. The bride (or bride’s family) asked the most trusted women in her life to be her protectors as she walked down the aisle. This is why the bridesmaids all were dressed in the same outfit, so as to confuse any intruders (spiritual or living) and to keep the bride out of harm’s way. This is also the reasoning behind the bride’s veil; a bride can’t be kidnapped if her face can’t be seen.

Now that we’ve all enjoyed that nice little bit of history, let’s focus on the now, shall we? Here’s the thing, for about as long as I can remember, there has been a vicious, nasty, rumor going around saying that brides are only interested in dressing their bridesmaids in terrible puke green taffeta so that they will make her look better. This way of thinking is crazy and stops here now. First of all, unless there is a giant meteor headed towards earth and Bruce Willis has to save us all, there is no way any bride can be upstaged on her wedding day. It just doesn’t happen. Secondly, I challenge you to find a single bride who is planning on spending a good percentage of her budget on photography only to have the memory of hideous bridesmaid dresses preserved for years and years to come. Furthermore, with literally thousands of options out there it is nearly impossible to even find an ugly bridesmaid dress. And finally, just in case my first three points did not convince you, how’s this one: with everything else going on in the planning of her wedding do you REALLY think the first thing on a bride’s mind is “Gee, my bridesmaids are some of my closest friends/relatives. They’ve been there for me my entire life and have most likely throughout this process. What can I possibly do to make sure they look positively awful on my wedding day?” There is NO WAY that this thought has ever occurred to a blushing bride. I guarantee it. And if it has, then it sounds like there are some other more pressing issues at hand.

Listen, I know that planning a wedding can get stressful and it might seem acceptable to take your frustrations out on your bridesmaids at the time. My advice to you (should you choose to ignore everything else I have said up ‘til now) is to remember this: a bridesmaid never forgets, so treat them as though you would want to be treated. I’d say it’s pretty likely that sooner or later you will find yourself in their shoes, and you wouldn’t want to be standing at that altar in a Barbie pink, puffy sleeved dress, would you?

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