Luxury Wedding Ideas


Location Makes a Difference 

 Whether it is on a beach, castle, rooftop, or vineyard, your luxury wedding venue makes the difference.


Floral, floral, floral 

Incorporating the luxury of nature throughout your wedding day adds color, life, and aroma to the wedding.

 08_SU14 Larned-Wilson_KT Merry 2

Floral Archways

Have your guests walk into an oversized aisle arrangement and be left in awe.

Floral Candelabras

These dramatic pieces add a sense of romance and a hint of intimacy to the tables.

Floral Sculptures

These sculptures are creative and fun, but still an elegant luxurious design.

Let there be Light

Creative lights with monochromatic palettes, such as whites, silvers, and golds, add to the rooms vibrance and energy.


Crystal Chandeliers

Chandeliers add sophistication and elegance to the room.


These paint the walls with colors and illuminate the entire atmosphere.

Luxury Linens 

You can dress up your wedding with romantic curtains, draping fabrics, and linens.


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