Long Island Wedding Planners Weigh in on New Year’s Eve Weddings

With the big ball drop right around the corner, we decided to discuss if it is a good idea to get married on New Year’s Eve. It’s a very romantic notion, starting out the year as a new couple, a new chapter in your life, but there can be downsides like skyrocketing vendor prices and scheduling conflicts for guests. It’s easy to think of the cons, but after searching on Pinterest and seeing the amazing photos from NYE weddings, we couldn’t resist thinking of the top 3 pros too.

  1. All your friends and family are together for the new years
  2. Top hats and sparkles make any wedding extra special
  3. Everyone will always remember your anniversary!

When thinking about planning a NYE wedding, there are a few tips we want to share.

Start a bit later

Since you will want to include the countdown in your celebrations, beginning the receptions a little later will allow for guests to keep up their energy throughout the night. Also, a little bonus – it leaves the bride and a groom extra time to primp before the ceremony.

Take the opportunity to sparkle

Everyone likes to glitter on New Years, so the wedding party should take part and incorporate a little shine into their outfits.

New Years themes and elements

All weddings including favors, games and guest activities, but by having a NYE theme, these can center on resolutions (a resolution tree can replace a wishing tree), a countdown (could be a 10 course tasting menu!), or noise makers and sparkles instead of throwing rice!

Save the date

Guests make NYE plans weeks and sometimes months in advance so consider sending out save-the-date cards a little earlier than usual.

Remember the late night

Since guests will be staying into the wee hours of the morning, having a hotel wedding or planning lodging options will ensure everyone is comfortable and safe.

We are excited to hear about and see pictures from all the NYE weddings happening this year!

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