Long Island Wedding Planners: The Basics of Planning a Wedding Proposal

This post is for the guys (although we are totally for ladies popping the question too!), so feel free to pass along to brothers, sons and if you are feeling very bold – boyfriends!

There are select moments that stand out in a women’s memory throughout her life – her first kiss, her college graduation, her wedding and…the day her husband proposed to her. No two proposals are ever the same, because two couples are never the same, but there are a few things you can learn from those who have been there already. Saying this, we want to just say, don’t try to copy one you have read or heard about exactly, your relationship is special!  The most important thing to remember when planning a proposal is that you love this woman and know her well – you know if she is the kind of person who would love a public proposal at a Yankees game or if she is better suited to a private moment in the living room of your apartment. So take a few hints of advice from proposal stories you read about or hear, but remember to plan uniquely for the woman you love.

Proposal Check List

□   Ring Size

  • Do you know hers? An easy way to find out is to “borrow” a ring you have seen her wearing before (preferably on a ring finger!) and rush it to a jewelry store to find out its size before discreetly returning it to her jewelry box. If she isn’t a big ringer wearer, check with sisters or her mother – often times they will have similar ring sizes or even know hers already!

□   Location, Location, Location!

  • As we mentioned before, location can be vitally important during a proposal. If your lady loves the spotlight or is an avid sports fan, a big screen at a sports game could be for you, but if she isn’t, you don’t want her to feel overwhelmed by the crowd while trying to focus on the big question. Often times, a special spot you both share can be a perfect place to get down on one knee. Take your time in choosing this, as it can set the mood for the entire proposal.

□   Photographer?

  • Similar to the second check box, having a photographer can go both ways. Hiring someone to take photos during this big moment, can lead to a wonderful keepsake and wedding announcement image, but photographers, if seen, can be distracting and let the cat out of the bag a little too soon! So remember, if you do want to capture your proposal on film, make sure they are out of sight and out of mind and not overwhelming your moment. If you choose to have an intimate moment, we suggest setting up a tripod nearby so you can capture of picture together afterwards to commemorate your happiness.

□   Ask Permission

  • It might seem a little out dated, but asking for her parent’s blessing can be a nice and respectful way to include them in this special moment and begin your relationship with your new parents-in-laws.

These are just a few of the basics, be on the lookout for another post which will dive a little deeper into the details of a proposal and will include a few we have heard about and loved. For now, just start thinking and planning – there is no rushing perfection!

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