Long Island Wedding Planners Share Thoughts on Personalizing Your Fall Wedding

With summer quickly coming to an end, the lovely luxury wedding planners at La Bella Planners thought they would share some insight on how to incorporate the natural beauty autumn brings us. And since the summer has most likely left you short on attention, we decided to give you a list of our favorite  ways to let the season fall (get it?) into your wedding.

1. Use the foliage! There is almost nothing more beautiful than the changing colors of the leaves. If you’re feeling bold, utilize them in your bouquets and centerpieces. Your florist will know exactly which flowers and other plants will be appropriate and staying power to last the day. For something more subtle, you can draw on them as inspiration for your bridesmaid dresses!

2. Still trying to decide on your favors? We suggest candy apples! With so many new twists on the fall favorite, there are endless options to put your own personal touch on them. An added bonus- they’re super quick and easy to make! So put those bridesmaids to work and have yourself a good old fashioned candy apple making party!

3. Signature drinks are all the rage right now- why not have one for your big day? There are TONS of autumn-inspired beverages available for the taking. A few being the Appletini or Washington Apple. For the more masculine drinker, be sure to have a hard cider or pumpkin flavored beer at the ready. And of course there is always apple juice or sparkling apple cider for the younger guests.

4. The big downside to having a fall wedding is that you never know what the weather may bring. Stay prepared by stocking up on matching rain boots and umbrellas for you and your bridal party. More worried about the chill than the rain? The obvious choice there is to first take that into consideration when choosing your bridesmaids dresses. If you’re just looking for a backup plan, shawls are great but if yours is more of a uniformed look then you might want to go with a light cardigan. They’re cheap, you can find them ANYWHERE, and your bridesmaids won’t be turning blue in all of your pictures.
When all is said and done remember- you chose a fall wedding for a reason. Be a little creative and have FUN with it! Yours is sure to be a party that won’t be forgotten.

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