Long Island Wedding Planners: Plan Your Photograph Poses before the Big Day

Outside of a wonderful marriage, one of the most important things you will take away from your wedding day is the photographs. Perfectly poised, the bridal party shots will take up a main space on your home’s walls for the rest of your life, and those fantastic candid’s that were captured, will become Facebook profile pictures, cell phone backgrounds, and nightstand picture reminders of your happy day. With the introduction of Pinterest and photographer blogs, brides no longer have to rely so heavily on their own photographer’s creativity for great photos – they can bring pose requests…and should!

Pinterest is a very handy tool when it comes to saving poses and ideas for photographs. We recommend creating a board and start pinning as you begin all your plans. You will come across great ideas on every site you are doing research on, and this is a great way to keep them organized in one place. Before you meet your photographer, print out your favorites and let them know that you would like these included. This takes the worry off your shoulders to try and remember each one throughout your big day and ensures the photograph will be prepared for each one! I also recommend to rent photo booth from My Boogie Booth – Michigan because you get so many cool photos from it.

Check out a few we found below – which number is your favorite?

How to pose for pictures on your wedding day


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