Long Island Wedding Planners on Exact Matching Bridesmaid Dresses: A Do or a Don’t?

For many women hearing the words, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” can be a blessing or a curse. Some women consider this position to be an honor and a treat, while many others dread the responsibility and sometimes endless chores.

The big clincher is…the bridesmaid dresses. From exact matching to same color different cut to different colors same cuts to completely different dresses…this is one of the biggest decisions the bride will make. Somehow there is no way to tell which of these will be perfect for a particular wedding or a particular set of bridesmaids.

Exact Matching

Exact Matching Bridesmaids Dresses

Pro: Creates a great group for the bride to really pop out of and makes getting the dresses easy for everyone.

Con: One cut doesn’t always fit a group of bridesmaids who have many different body types – someone is always left looking a little less than perfect.

Same Color Different Cut

Same Color Different Cut Bridesmaid Dress

Pro: Allows every bridesmaid to choose a dress that best suits her body – making everyone happy!

Con: This creates more focus on each bridesmaid which can sometimes take a little attention away from the bride – and it is her big day after all!

Different Colors Same Cuts

Different Color Same Cut Wedding Dresses

Pro: Allows for a lovely display of color and every bridesmaid gets to feel unique. Also makes for a more wearable dress afterwards as all your friends won’t have the exact same one!

Con: Many brides like consistency throughout their wedding and different colored bridesmaid dresses can create a bit of a disjointed feeling in colors.

Completely Different Dresses

Completely Different Bridesmaids dresses

Pro: We couldn’t resist including Molly Sim’s amazing bridesmaid collection in this post, because she perfected the varied bridesmaids look. Every girl has her own unique look that fold together perfectly with the group. Biggest pros? Every girl can wear their dress afterwards and is completely comfortable in their own look.

Con: Collaborating with bridesmaids to create a perfect look throughout the whole group that works with everyone’s dress can be difficult and time consuming.

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