Long Island Wedding Planners on Deciding If You Should Have a Home Wedding

Nothing is more personal or more heartwarming than having your special day at a family home. If its Grandma’s cottage or your parent’s summer beach house, holding a wedding there can be uniquely special. Backyard weddings don’t automatically mean rustic, they can be as formal and as fabulous as you like!

Here is a quick check list when trying to decide if a backyard wedding is right for you.

  1. True or False: Is there enough room?
  • Figuring on the amount of space you will need depends on your guest list, but a location that is large enough or allows you to combine an outdoor and indoor space is a must (but don’t forget to have a weather contingency plan!).
  1. True or False: Are you planning on using a wedding planner?
  • Sometime, when trying to make decisions and have inspiration about your own home it can be tough. Often, hiring a coordinator to organize the set-up and clean-up crews, food and decoration, can make a home wedding as special as one in an event space.
  1. True or False: Do you have enough time for renovations?
  • When planning a wedding in an event space, you don’t often have to worry abot the lawn, the plans, or replacing old paint, but when having a home wedding, you do. Make sure you plan ahead to accommodate these types of needs.
  1. True or False: Will your officiate perform the ceremony in a home?
  • Many officiates will not perform ceremonies outside of their place of worship, so to make sure that whoever is can work inside your home.
  1. True or False: Do you have enough budget for rentals?
  • Remember, at a home wedding you will need to rent everything from chairs to installing an outdoor kitchen. Sometime this can raise your budget significantly, so make sure it is all accounted for!

If you answered “true” to these questions, then start planning – a home wedding is for you! If a “false” popped up here or there, re-visit the matter with your fiancé and see what can be worked out. Just remember, it’s your big day and nothing should infringe on that!

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