Long Island Wedding Planners Break Down Winter Wedding Details

We love winter weddings – the white snow, bare tree branches sparkling with ice, festive favors – they are all wonderful memories.  Winter weddings also allow brides a few new options to make their weddings unique and outstanding.  Winter weddings also usually dictate black tie, so for anyone who wants to go full glamour at their wedding – listen up!

The Décor

Silver and gold colors look beautiful against a winter background and sparkles everywhere are a must. Snowflakes can be a great theme, on cakes, invitations, even the lights on the dance floor, just be careful to keep it tasteful. Too many snowflakes can begin to look like a kindergarten classroom after a major craft session!

The Drinks

This is one element we are absolutely obsessed with! Warm drinks like cider, mulled wine and warm saketinis (Japanese rice wine and sweet-flavored vodka), are a must. This will make guests feel warm and cozy and are much more interesting than basic wine, cocktails and beers. Eggnog can also be very festive and different. Just remember to have hot chocolate for the kids!

The Food

Cozy winter food is a must, think comfort foods and soups. Often times, it’s a nice change up to replace a basic salad with a tomato or a tasty vegetable soup to give guests a little warmth during dinner. Macaroni and cheese or twice baked potatoes will make everyone feel at home.

The Favors

Leave guests with a fun favor which they can cozy up with during the next big winter storm. A gift basket of hot chocolate goodies, or mulled wined ingredients personalized to the bride and groom make superb little gifts.

Winter weddings can be full of sparkles and cheer but a few things to always remember – coat checks, good ventilation (you don’t want your wedding hall getting too warm or cold!), storm proof plans and that a horse-drawn sleigh is the perfect mode of transportation on your big day!

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