Long Island Proposal Planners: When It Comes to Proposals Be a Boy Scout; Always Prepared

You love your girlfriend and you know she loves you, but asking for her to spend the rest of her life with you will be the hardest question you will ever ask – so make sure you are prepared. Prep helps chefs to put together a delicious meal; it aids actors in giving a great performance, so why wouldn’t you want to prep before popping the big question?

The key to a successful proposal is all about being calm and stress-free. Not worrying about the little things like where, when and how will take the pressure off and allow you to give your girl the most perfect proposal she has always dreamed of. Now – prep for a proposal is unique for everyone. Do you often get tongue-tied? Then your prep would be thinking about how you want to articulate the question. Are you shy? Then prepping the “where” could be the right thing for you.

Not sure what your “prep” should be? We can help. Sit down with us for a complimentary consultation and we can brainstorm all the details or even just help you with a basic idea. We are here to help with all the prep you need to make your proposal perfect.

Now, for a few ideas for you to mull over before you call us! We’ve gathered a few of our favorite proposals we have found around the web – but beware! These are for the flashy, the crowd pleasers and the uber-creative, they aren’t for everyone, so don’t be overwhelmed or intimidated, just look for inspiration!

  • Flying High: This young pilot told his girlfriend that the flight controls on the plane he was flying were not responding… then to her surprised, gave her a ring! Very creative and personal for the man who loves to soar high in the sky.
  • Presidential Proposal: Keesha Patterson proposed to her girlfriend Rowan Ha during the reelection celebration for President Barack Obama in Chicago.

  • Treasure Hunt: Stephen sent his girlfriend Nicole on a scavenger hunt complete with personalized clues and hints for her to find the big surprise at the end – click here to see the whole sweet story!
  • Central Story: Many men have used Central Park as a background for popping the big question, but this proposal gave a whimsical element to the day that might have been missing before.

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