Long Island Party Planners take on 2013 DIY Favors

DIY favors and gifts can give a lovely personal touch to a wedding or event, and saves a bit on budget! After perusing the Pinterest boards and blogs, we came up with our favorite of the bunch. A few things to remember though when thinking of doing DIY favors – start early! These favors should be a fun project to do with your honey or a bunch of girlfriends at your leisure, not in the wee hours before the big day. A personal touch is great with these gifts – so make sure they speak to your relationship, heritage or future aspirations. If you are from the south, live in the south, and breath southern living – tiny bottles of Vermont maple syrup might not scream “you” to guests.

Homemade Breads or Jams

These are just too cute. Passing along family recipes in the forms of shortbreads or jarred sauces is memorable and sweet. We also love the idea of pickles to give out. These types of gifts can be made ahead of time and cute labels and packaging are a must. This is defiantly the type of thing to have moms and sisters help out with as well. Giving out cookie or bread mixes with easy directions is also a great modification of this type of favor.

Candy, Popcorn and Treats

Buying or even making a ton of your favorite candy or popcorn and putting it in cute packages makes a great delight for guests to nibble on the drive home or the next time they are looking for a sweet treat. Careful with chocolate (or anything else that melts) during summer weddings or anything with nuts as some guests might be allergic.

Mini Plants or Spices

We love the idea of small potted plants for guests, especially if they match the colors of the wedding. Beautiful to display at the wedding, small flowers or spices can be a wonderful way to remember your wedding day and keep your guests smiling at the memory every time they see it.

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