Long Island Luxury Event Planners Pledge to Take Back the Themed Party!

If you’re reading this blog then I think it is safe to assume that you, like most red blooded Americans, love a good theme party. 1920’s Speakeasy? You’ve got the perfect flapper dress. Beach Blanket Bingo? Thank goodness those bathing suits are back in style! No matter what the theme is, you’re prepared and psyched out of your mind about it. Back in the day, masquerade balls were thrown by the higher ups in society. They were formal affairs that were the very epitome of class. So why is it that in recent years, theme parties have become an excuse to buy a cheaply made costume, throw some cheesy paper decorations on the walls, get a package of solo cups and some ping pong balls and call it a day? Never fear dear readers- La Bella Planners have dedicated themselves to reclaim the theme party! We are taking it out of the frat house and bringing them back into the world of luxury events, where they will rightfully stay.

The first thing you have to focus on is choosing your theme. You want something unique, but you want it to be accessible at the same time. There is nothing more frustrating for a guest than having to go to a million different stores looking for a specific costume, or having to shell out a ton of money to rent said costume. Which brings me to my next point: costumes do not a theme make. For those few naysayers who do not appreciate dressing up, there are plenty of other themes. You do not need to be in costume to participate in a scavenger hunt, which coincidentally, is a great theme. However, if you do plan on throwing a murder mystery dinner party set in the 1940’s, you really should plan on making a required dress code. Also please invite me.

Once you’ve got your theme of choice it should be smooth sailing from there. You’ll find that it is usually relatively easy to stick to a theme. For instance, one thing everybody loves is a good party game. I am not however, referring to Flipcup. If you have chosen a time period as your theme then you might want to do a little research and find out what games were popular in that era. The same goes for drinks and food- a little research goes a long way, so hopefully you took notes in your sophomore history class. A GREAT way to drive home the fact that yours is not in fact an Animal House style toga party, is to start with invitations. In this age of “evitations” and other social media outlets, the level of formality is already dropped as soon as people find out about an event. By sending out a proper invitation, you are already setting the tone for your sophisticated event.

Remember, the point of a theme party is to give you and your guests the chance to escape to a different time or place. You can’t have Beyonce playing in the background of your Disco Inferno party, can you? No, so try to stick to your theme in every way possible. And leave the solo cups at your sister’s dorm.

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