Long Island Event Planners Provides Tips to Hiring Music at Your Party

Hiring a band or a DJ is important for many events.  As a Long Island event planner and New York event planner, I can tell you it is often the music that makes the party.  If you have not hired an event planner to put your party together you will be on your own to decide the “party starter”, the ignition, the thing that makes the night magical in other works the music you will have at the event.  If you have had an experience at an event with a band or DJ this can be helpful. But hiring musicians is more than pricing, assuming what you see is what you get is not necessarily how this works.  Naturally, at La Bella Planners of NYC and Long Island we believe it is best to have a planner hire your music professionals.  If a planner is not part of your budget be sure to follow several steps.

  1. Speak to the musicians.  Find out their availability and prices.
  2. Ask for a demo of their work from events similar to yours.
  3. Ask for and check references given to you by the musicians.  The extra time you spend researching always pays off in the end.  Ask if they are always on time, stay long enough, are reliable and leave the venue as they found it.
  4. Attend an event where the musicians are playing.  Two events would be better.  Watch the people at the event.  Do they seem engaged, happy and lost in the party?  Does the DJ know how to switch it up if the guests are reluctant?

We know that you have songs that you love.  The songs you and your friends sing to and the songs you share with friends may not be the songs the DJ or musicians need to play to get people going.  Suggestions from you are important but if you are paying musicians good money, you have to acknowledge that they are the professionals and you have to try to trust them.   It can be best to leave a good part of their job to them.  If you want to create the entire play list for your party then why not plug your ipod into your speakers.


Choosing music is not easy.  We planned a party for a 60th birthday party for a woman who loved jazz.  The family was also Haitian.  It was important that both music needs were met.  We hired a jazz trio for the first hour and a half, bringing people in and walking and talking and then a Haitian DJ to get the party going.  The mix was terrific and everyone was pleased at the end of the evening.

So having a party and hiring musicians?  Hiring the musicians yourself?  Do your homework and make sure you speak to and screen the musicians.  If you have been diligent then trust your judgment and trust the musicians to be professionals, Trust the band.

Even if  you have all of your other details set-up, we’d be happy to help you find your DJ- visit us at to contact us.

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