Long Island Event Planners: 20 Ideas for Your Next Summer Party!

  1. Get Low! Drag your coffee table out to the backyard and put down a few cushion for guests to sit on – this eliminates the need to find enough chairs for everyone!
  2. Make or buy a piñata: Often thought of children’s game, this can be a great throw back for adults.
  3. Add an outdoor rug for guests to lounge on. This makes for a great hangout area and keeps everyone from worrying about grass stains.
  4. Keep drinks in a large bucket filled with ice: this not only saves room in the refrigerator, but allows guests to help themselves to drinks when they are thirsty.
  5. Try to serve as many dishes as possible in containers with clear or glass lids. This allows for guests to see each dish without letting the bugs in!
  6. When you invite friends over for a weekend party, spend a little time each day cleaning your home during the week so when the weekend comes you will be set to go.
  7. Plant herbs in decorative pots in the spring so you’ll have fresh green table decor throughout the season.
  8. Premixed cocktails are the way to go! They cut the fuss of making drinks for all your guests and keeps the party on a budget.
  9. Off-price retailers like T.J.Maxx and Marshalls are perfect places to find seasonal entertaining pieces.
  10. Each summer season, invest in one entertaining upgrade – this will allow you to affordably build your outdoor entertaining sets!
  11. Beware of bugs: make sure to have candles or torches available to keep mosquitoes away from your party.
  12. Stick with a buffet – this allows guests to eat as much or as little as they like and add condiments and sides as they go.
  13. Make sure you head to the dollar store to stock up on bubbles, chalk and water balloons to entertain any kids attending.
  14. Always expect an extra guest or two – these always seem to turn up during summer BBQs!
  15. Make a plan B for weather – can’t fit everyone inside? Make sure to call/text and email everyone with enough advanced notice with a rain date!
  16. Make sure there are umbrellas and shaded areas available so guests are not left baking in the sun.
  17. Make sure you have somewhere to keep cold food cold and hot food hot – sun rays and heat and spoil food quickly!
  18. Providing a shoe bucket by the door will allow guests to free their toes and enjoy the grass under their feet.
  19. You can never over estimate the number of beverages you have – remember to also always have water available when you are hosting outdoors.
  20. ICE! ICE! ICE! Make sure you always have enough!

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